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  Why do we pick up magazines? For me, it would be that it fits my area of interest either as a "present or ongoing interest" and I trust the origin of content. The people that edit the magazine are either writers/ authors of great content or filter what comes into their magazine. The better the content, the more respected and popular that magazine becomes in it's category.
  Magazines are usually central to areas of interest with passionate editors that gather content and authors that write and produce. This often brings to life areas of travel, dining, gardening, sports, technology, bands, celebrities and the list goes on and on. Video is  bringing these interesting things to life in ways that are unlimited!

 Younger people do not want to sift through a lot of garbage to get the information they want and older people get confused by too much information, "so I feel a BIG change is coming where many channels will become available but with a narrow focus". The ones that do the best job at content creation and curated content will rise to the surface in popularity, in much the same way as a magazine has in the past.


"Whether for our country, state, county or town what we really care about is our individual bragging rights, whether its tourist attractions, restaurants, colleges, sports leagues, industry, our area's history etc"~ When we bring the best to surface in video in these areas, "we turn the light on for the things we care about and want others to know"...

Mission Statement:
I believe there will be individualized video broadcasts on millions of different subjects and one thing that simply resonates with people when they think of video is TV,  "this is why all the channels have a .tv domain address". I like to think of these channels as a way to Tell-a-vision that I hope will grow into many more!
       "The goal is to focus on the good, not the bad and to give voice and more exposure to true value"...


I hope you enjoy VideoMagazines.TV, please join the ones you like and check back for more Video Magazines to come.
                                                                                                                                               Sincerely, Wade Yoder